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Play Date


2018 Rockford "When A Dream Explodes" New Play Festival, West Side Show Room, Rockford, IL.  Directed by Charlyne Blatcher Martin and Mike Werckle. 



Two young female strangers from clashing cultures meet at a bus stop and strike up a conversation; each is at a critical turning point in her life. An encounter with a dangerous man cements their unlikely friendship. 

Running time:  ten minutes. Cast: 2 women, 1 man.


"Your play was one of six chosen out of 130 submissions received. This speaks to the strength of your writing and the power of your characters: Elena's own sadness did not stop her from protecting an immigrant seeking an American dream from someone who wanted to destroy it. Their collective willingness to approach new dreams for both of them fit perfectly into our theme "When A Dream Explodes." We are honored to have your play as part of our festival!"

Charlyne Blatcher Martin, Director, 2018 Rockford New Play Festival

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