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Compos Mentis


Chagrin Valley Little Theatre 10x10 Festival, Chagrin Falls, OH, July 24–Aug. 15, 2015. (Eight additional productions around the world since then, with numerous awards; see Resume for details.)


Robert and Alese Langford interview for a coveted spot at Silver Glades Senior Living. But is Silver Glades Senior Living ready for Robert and Alese? 

Running time: 10 minutes.  Cast:  2 women, 1 man.


From top: Fells Point Corner Theatre 2016 10x10 Festival, Baltimore, MD,  l-r: Peter Wilkes, Holly Elizabeth Gibbs, Dianne Hood. Directed by Steve Goldklang. Photo by Tessa Sollway.


Barrington Stage 2017 10x10 Festival, Barrington, MA, l-r: Douglas Rees, Jane Pfitsch, Peggy Pharr Wilson. Directed by Matthew Penn. Photo by Scott Barrow.


Marilyn Millstone with Barrington Stage Compos Mentis Director Matthew Penn.

Photo by Bill Apter.


(Bottom left) Short+Sweet Dubai 2017, The Junction Theatre, l-r: Anthea Mendonca, Rashmi Kotriwala, and Lakshmn Rao. Directed by Rashmi Kotriwala. Photo by Gautam Kotriwala.


(Bottom right) Silver Spring Stage 2017 One-Act Play Festival, Silver Spring, MD, l-r: Felicity Ann Brown, Susan R. Paisner. Directed by Jim Robertson. Photo by Harvey Levine.


Compos Mentis at Short & Sweet Dubai.jpg
COMPOS MENTIS Barrington .jpg
MM & Matthew Penn  Compos Mentis Barring

“This witty and brilliantly lighthearted script by Marilyn Millstone is a cheeky look at an aging couple who aren’t quite ready to submit to the life of the down-and-out… a touching, feel-good, and overall heartfelt slice of life comedy that is just too precious for words.” —Amanda N. Gunther, Theatre Bloom, reviewing Fells Point Corner Theatre’s 2016 10x10 Festival

Compos Mentis SSStage 1.jpg

“[One of the] two strongest plays of the evening.” —Jeffrey Borak, The Berkshire Eagle, reviewing Barrington Stage’s 2017 10x10 Festival

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